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Your thoughts on America (or if you think as other americans, the world)

America, isn't it a wonderful place? You can eat whatever you can do whatever you want to do..we have almost all the latest technology, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! Isn't it great? you have cars, buses, planes, trains, any other thing to get you from point A to point B, you have restuarants, fast food, people to wait on you whenever you please ,so you can get a quick cheap greasy meal as fast as you want without having to worry about cooking it. You don't even have to vaccum anymore, we have nifty little robots to do it for us. You can just go on with your bad self and live like there's no tomorrow...but wait! We are just now realizing something... while we drive around in our fancy little vehicles that can do everything but microwave food (I'm sure they are trying to design that somewhere)thats polluting the air, munching on your lovely .99 burger from McDonalds just clogging away your insides, being lazy as can be, complaining that even though almost everything already does everything for you, you still want a more simple life so you can sit on your fat ass 5 more hours of the day, THERE IS A TOMORROW! and it's coming soon, we finally realized that we are becoming obscenly obese, destroying the only thing we have to live on, poisoning the air we breathe, polluting the water we drink... Oh shit guys! lets start thinking about it, okay, we will go on an atkins diet and hope everything fixes itself... I hate America... what are your thoughts?
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