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The Gentle Art Of Making Sweet Enemies -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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:] [27 Dec 2004|01:21am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey! :]

I could fix the html if you guys want.

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[27 Dec 2004|03:39am]
[ mood | bored ]

Thanksh to Breanna the community now looks much cooler. So if anyone wants to be happy we have a preety community, thank her. She rocks.. and we have no idea where Stefan went. I think his mother is slaving him all around the place. And oh my there were some disturbing events today in my father's bathroom. Oh, dear god.. if you've seen smearthytoilet... you haven't seen shit till you see and SMELL the next work of art that sick son of a bitch has done. All right, thought I'd share that with you fucks. Later.


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So I thought I should bust out with lyrics [27 Dec 2004|12:41pm]
[ mood | cold ]

How do you do I
see you've met my
faithful handyman
He's just a little brought down because
When you knocked
He thought you were the candyman
Don't get strung out by the way I look
Don't judge a book by its cover
I'm not much of a man by the light of day
But by night I'm one hell of a lover
I'm just a sweet transvestite
From Transexual, Transylvania

Let me show you around, maybe play you a sound
You look like you're both pretty groovy
Or if you want something visual
That's not too abysmal
We could take in an old Steeve Reeves movie

I'm glad we caught you at home
Could we use your phone?
We're both in a bit of a hurry
We'll just say where we are
Then go back to the car
We don't want to be any worry

Well you got caught with a flat
Well how 'bout that
Well babies don't you panic
By the light of the night
It'll all seem alright
I'll get you a Satanic mechanic
I'm just a sweet transvestite
From Transexual, Transylvania

Why don't you stay for the night

Or maybe a bite

I could show you my favorite obsession
I've been making a man
With blonde hair and a tan
And he's good for relieving my tension
I'm just a sweet transvestite
From Transexual, Transylvania
Hit it! Hit it!
I'm just a sweet transvestite
(Sweet Transvestite!)
From Transexual

So come up to the lab
And see what's on the slab
I see you shiver with antici...pation
But maybe the rain
Isn't really to blame
So I'll remove the cause
But not the symptom

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[27 Dec 2004|12:55pm]

Since this community is like dead.. there's a good deal for you guys.

Do me that favor!

Please.. click the link.. sign up.. and you must sign up for something.. I need at least 7 of you to do it.

The blockbuster deal isn't bad at all.

You can rent online movies.. from blockbuster for two weeks... FREE!

Come on.. do it for me. If you do I get a present!

Thanks guys.

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