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Songs I wrote lately by meself.. lyrically.

- Heartstrings

It's becoming more evident
Much more obvious to me
I thought of much more
Than you ever thought to be

Was this my biggest mistake,
Letting myself think you cared?
Was I just your marionette
With heartstrings open and bared?

Left here still thinking
What was false, what was true
So puzzling, so commplex
Left to await another clue

Heartstrings you've played
Each left with a loving melody
Yet I still have these questions
Do you ever think of me?

I'm wondering why all the intrigue
Now why all of this mystery?
Why am I left here hanging
You're the one that holds the key

- Time

She sits staring out her window one last time
Tears rolling down her face, and what she's doing
She knows is right for all concerned,
And soon her memory, time will erase

Time will help them to forget
All the times she wore them out
The frustration that she's caused in them
And the many times she made them shout

Time will give them back the energy
That she drained so many times before
Once this is done time will erase
The many times that she'd complained

Time will do what's right for everyone
And flush all the pain away
Time will help them to forget
And to move on again and again

- This one is not yet finished.. just randomly said shit.

Inhale what you think is the cure
For your little fucking dramatic problems
Then you wonder how many pills will it take
To make me feel alive tonight, yeah

Looking up and wondering why you're covered in blood
And why there's a knife by your side
Carved into your skin it says
That you've fucked up again

And I am going to sleep now, farewell.
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